Speed Reading

Speed Reading: Tony’s Personal Story

When I was 14, my class was given a battery of tests to measure our mental skills. Concealed among them was a speed reading test. A few weeks later we were given our results, and I found that I had scored an average of 213 words per minute (wpm). My first reaction was elation, because 213 sounded like a lot! However, my joy did not last long, for our teacher soon explained that 200 wpm was fairly average, and that the fastest student in the class had scored 314 wpm – just over 100 wpm faster than my average score.


This demoralising piece of news was to change my life: as soon as the class ended I rushed to the teacher and asked him how I could improve my speed. He answered that there was no way of doing so, and that your reading speed, like your IQ, your adult height and the colour of your eyes, was fundamentally unchangeable.


This did not quite ring true. Why? I had just started a vigorous physical training programme, and had noticed dramatic changes in nearly every muscle of my body within a few weeks. If knowing the right exercises had enabled me to bring about such physical transformation, why shouldn’t the appropriate visual and mental exercises allow me to change my reading speed, comprehension and memory of what I had read?


These questions launched me on a search that soon had me cracking the 400 wpm barrier, and eventually reading comfortably at speeds of over 1000 wpm. Through these investigations, I realised that, on all levels, reading is to the mind as aerobic training is to the body.


By learning about the miracle of my eyes and the extraordinary capacity of my brain, I not only increased speed, comprehension and memory; I also found myself able to think faster and more creatively, to make better notes, to pass exams with relative ease, to study more successfully, and to save days, even weeks and even months of my time.


The Speed Reading Course is the result of 40 years of practice and research in the field. It contains the essential secrets I have learnt during that time.

The Speed Reading Book

Double, if not quadruple, your current reading speed!


“Tony’s innovative approach to this subject makes speed reading easy to understand, enabling you to apply it immediately to all aspects of your life. It’s fun as well! It…”