I can’t really grasp the current state of play in my business, and therefore the way ahead, until I get all my thoughts down on a Mind Map. Then I get the whole picture with the solutions staring me in the face.

Dominic O’Brien, Eight Times World Memory Champion


Mind Maps present an overview along with the detailed plan & have increased learning & creativity. I have successfully applied the Mind Maps technique to taking notes, setting goals, solving problems, generating ideas, memorizing complex data & planning complete training sessions.

Saif Ullah Khan, Ernst & Young


Tony’s Mind Maps have provided with me with lifelong tools for planning, organising and learning together and the self belief to constantly strive to achieve in both sporting and working environments.

Peter Beaumont (Olympic finalist and European Marketing Director)


The use of Mind Mapping is an integral part of my Quality Improvement Project here at Boeing. This has provided savings of over $10 million this year for my organisation.

Mike Stanley, Boeing Corporation


Tony Buzan’s books with the BBC have sold over three million copies, and have transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide since they were first published in 1974.

BBC Press Office