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These course are dedicated to everyone in the world! They are a response to the ever-expanding chorus of people who, over the years, have asked me for advice on how to apply Mind Maps to specific situations.

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On a practical level, Mind Maps can help you manage your workload, plan presentations and solve the toughest of business dilemmas. They can also fulfil the role of a life coach by helping you figure out what you want from your life, while giving you a clear overview of complex situations and taking the stress from demanding obligations.


The more I have worked with different people in diverse organisations, the more roles I have noticed for Mind Maps. Mind Maps are being used in astonishingly imaginative and creative ways, by all kinds of people all over the world.


Whatever role you perform, or whatever kind of work you do, I will help you unleash your limitless creative potential. These courses will enrich your life and bring you success and satisfaction both at work and at home.



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With over 40 Years Experience in Creativity and Innovation who better to train with. Use the link below to view our full training calendar, with cutting edge courses and more training destinations than ever before, join us this season for our most comprehensive training schedule yet.

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