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By Online Synapsia Editor
Prince Marek Kasperski

In the winter of 1989/1990, the first issue of Synapsia Magazine was published as “Synapsia, the International Brain Club Journal”. The magazine totalled 18 pages full of interesting, topical articles and introduced “Brain-Brain”, the delightful little cartoon mascot for the Brain Trust created by PECUB.

At the beginning of our magazine, five thousand copies were printed and sold for £2.00 each.

First Synapsia magazine

First Synapsia magazine

In total, thirty Synapsia Magazines were produced, with the last print issue being Volume 10 Number 2, Summer 1999 for £4.95.

Synapsia magazine

Synapsia magazine – Summer 1999

In July 2015, Marek Kasperski approached Raymond Keene OBE and proposed to create the Synapsia Website ( An important aspect of the proposal was to electronically scan all thirty copies of Synapsia magazine, so they would be available for everyone to read when the new on new website was launched.

Latest Synapsia magazine

Synapsia magazine – Winter 2015

Once was up and running, Marek Kasperski suggested that Synapsia Magazine could be resurrected, but this time as an online PDF format instead of an expensive and difficult to distribute paper-based issue. The result was the “Phoenix” edition of Synapsia Magazine which was released in winter 2015, totalled 56 pages.

Since then, ten issues of Synapsia Magazine have been produced and published every three months on either the equinox or solstice, containing contributions from poets, intellectuals, and people with wonderful humour. Marek Kasperski has created the online magazine since 2015, and is the Online Editor. Tony Buzan is the Editor-in-Chief.

Prince Marek

Online Synapsia Editor – Prince Marek Kasperski

Go to to read every issue of Synapsia Magazine published, including the paper based and the online PDF issues.