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Invest just one day of your busy life to acquire the skills to help you deal with the ever increasing volume of information that we are presented with in this progressively digital world.

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A universal skill set that will change your life by showing you how to work with – not against – the way your brain likes to learn, process and remember.

The World Economic Forum’s most recent Future of Jobs report concluded that the three crucial skills for the 21st century worker are problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Problem solving

The skill for identifying, evaluating, and implementing solutions for problems in complex, real-world settings. More than 56% of all jobs require complex problem-solving abilities as a core skill.

Critical thinking

The ability to conceptualize, analyze, apply, synthesise and evaluate information to reach an answer or conclusion, by engaging our brains in reflective and unbiased thinking.


The ability to conceive, assess and implement original and valuable ideas. Creative jobs will grow by 5.3 per cent over the next 10 years. Innovative companies will survive and thrive.

How are these skills currently deployed?

Cognitive skills

Sixty percent of HR managers claim that recent graduates do not possess critical thinking and problem solving skills at the level needed by organizations, according to the PayScale 2016 study.

Creative fluency

Only 2% of people generate original ideas based on the study conducted by  Ken Robinson for the UK government including more than 200,000 participants across the world.

Project management

Less than 50% of projects comply with their objectives of time and budget, while more than 35% of projects are deemed as failures, according to the 2016 Project Management Institute research.

The Mind Mapping difference

Mind Maps propel your thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and crearivity. Research confirms the value of this powerful methodology, named as the “Swiss Army knife for the brain” by Times magazine.

300% increase in idea generation according to the 2008 study conducted by Americ Jenkins for South Oregon University.
30% increase in productivity discovered by the research conducted by Chuck Frey in 2011 with Fortune 500 companies.
65% increase in project management effectiveness according to the 2012 research conducted by Henri Toi in Malaysia and Singapore.

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