Career Progression in Team Buzan


You’ll transform into a world class trainer in Mind Mapping and its specializations and become accredited for training / advising other people and organizations in these fields. For example, you could reach a senior trainer status by taking an extra specialization, say in project management. Armed with this degree, you’ll be licensed to train customers in implementing the project management process, propelled by Mind Mapping, and certify them as advanced practitioners.

TBLI in Mind Mapping

Our flagship program where you’ll become a world class trainer in Mind Mapping. This is the prerequisite program for advancing to further levels such as senior or master degrees.

Senior trainer

You’ll become a senior trainer by taking one additional specialization in the areas of creativity, project management, memory or speed reading. You’ll be able to  certify practitioners at a senior level.

Master trainer

You’ll become a master trainer by taking two additional specializations . Moreover, you’ll be eligible to become a trainer of trainers by designation through the global Buzan committee.

Training Calendar 2018



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