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Keep up to date with everything happening around the world as we work together to fulfill Tony Buzan’s dream of "Global Mental Literacy

Avoiding back and neck pain when reading

Reading for a long time can leave you with serious neck and back pain – so how does our expert in Speed Reading, P

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Can anyone Speed Read and was John Kennedy the fastest ever reader recorded?

Now I confess .. I was a late starter when it came to Speed Reading.  Mind you when I acquired the skill I became, and

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When you were a student at school did you shine academically?

Always fun to ask another World Champion – in this case 8 Times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien wheth

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Featured TBLI – Jerome Hoarau – Mind Mapping and soft skills: the right mix!

Tony and the Team I would never have guessed that meeting Tony Buzan in August 2018 would lead me to where I am today. I

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