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Keep up to date with everything happening around the world as Tony Buzan moves towards his goal of "Global Mental Literacy"

A Message for Tony from Sandra Moonoz TBLI

  Message for Tony Buzan Dear Tony, It’s Sandra, TLI in Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading. I would like to t

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Wow! We are Oversubscribed Already for 2019

Hi – Elaine here! Welcome to 2019! Its the first day for the team to be back in our office at Buzan HQ and we have

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Can Mind Maps be used to learn Scientific Subjects?

Oh – I get this one a lot! I understand that when people see Mind Maps they see a way of taking notes that is very

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How do you know when a Mind Map is finished?

Join me as I answer another of the most Frequently Asked Questions from our training events. “How do you know when

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