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Our 2020 Vision

The year 2019 was one of profound change, endings and new beginnings.  Tony Buzan, our business namesake and progenitor passed away in April after giving the world his creativity and energy, leaving behind hundreds of books, his breakthrough invention of the Mind Map, the development with his colleagues of memory training and competitive mind sports, and inspiring over 30 Mind Mapping software companies and numerous training businesses worldwide.

But Tony’s passing is not the end; it is just the beginning.  The idea emerged last Spring of an organization that would pull together everything that Tony started or caused and would add things he did not even imagine.  A vision came together of a company dedicated to mental effectiveness and improvement worldwide for everyone; to give each person the tools to be his or her best.  TBG would accomplish this through education, training, technology, print and electronic media, and reward accomplishment in world-class mind competitions.

The Tony Buzan Group will collect the far flung pieces of the Buzan world, connect them, and develop the technology that can bring these benefits to both businesses and millions of people.  In doing so, TBG will become the world’s first mind-building global multinational with an almost infinite opportunity.  TBG will open its arms and welcome the technology and tools of  third-party organizations that can further this goal.

TBG is organized in four divisions, united by this common purpose:

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Finally, in the largest sense, The Tony Buzan Group Limited is a commercial organization that by bringing to the greatest number of people every tool we can to help them train and develop their minds will do well by doing good.


Buzan revolutionises traditional learning methods to make full use of your potential.

We improve mental skills by teaching you how to enhance your ability to learn, think, remember and create through live and online training in Mind Mapping, memory, speed reading, and creativity.

We want every person to be the best they can be!

Problem: Traditional education fails many of us.

Training your mind is as important as training your body. These mental agility skills are increasingly critical in a world that is transitioning from the age of information to the age of intelligence:

  • Students underperform their academic potential
  • Middle-aged and older people search for ways to retain and improve their memories
  • Businesses find it difficult to improve the planning and productivity skills of executives
  • Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the need to handle the complexity of a new business
  • Human and AI/machine learning is not integrated into the education process
  • Future jobs will require reasoning and critical thinking skills (World Economic Forum Jobs Report 2018)
  • 69% of College educated Americans responding to survey earned a failing grade (Mindedge Critical Thinking Survey 2019)

We can fix this: Our solution

Tony Buzan, our namesake and founder, discovered how to use brain science to dramatically improve learning, creativity, understanding, and memory in everyone regardless of age or starting point.

His proven training techniques and mind enhancing tools have liberated and unlocked the potential for thousands of people, transforming lives and making them more productive, more secure, and more capable.

Our goal is to make Mind Mapping, memory training, creativity, learning how to learn, and speed reading skills and tools available to everyone through live and online training and AI tools that turn ordinary minds into extraordinary ones.

Buzan in numbers:

5,000,000+ books bought in 40 languages

250 million users of Mind Mapping techniques invented by Buzan

500 certified trainers covering five continents

4,000+ competitors in Memory, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading National, Regional and World Championships

30,000 Buzan followers on Twitter

1,000,000+ readers of Synapsia, the Buzan online magazine


Keep up to date with everything happening around the world as we work together to fulfill Tony Buzan’s dream of “Global Mental Literacy

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