About the Tony Buzan Group (TBG)

What we do

method The Tony Buzan revolutionises traditional learning methods to make full use of your potential.

We improve mental skills by teaching you how to enhance your ability to learn, think, remember and create through live and online training in Mind Mapping, memory, speed reading, and creativity. We want every person to be the best they can be.

Tony Buzan, our namesake and founder, discovered how to use brain science to dramatically improve learning, creativity, understanding, and memory in everyone regardless of age or starting point.

His proven training techniques and mind enhancing tools have liberated and unlocked the potential for thousands of people, transforming lives and making them more productive, more secure, and more capable.

Our goal is to make Mind Mapping, memory training, creativity, learning how to learn, and speed reading skills and tools available to everyone through live and online training and AI tools that turn ordinary minds into extraordinary ones.

    Buzan in numbers

    • 5,000,000+ books bought in 40 languages
    • 250 million users of Mind Mapping techniques invented by Buzan
    • 500 certified trainers covering five continents
    • 4,000 + competitors in Memory, Mind Mapping, and Speed Reading National, Regional and World Championships
    • 30,000 Buzan followers on Twitter
    • 1,000,000+ readers of Synapsia, the Buzan online magazine
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