Marek Kasperski - Vice President


Marek was appointed Vice President of the Tony Buzan Group in July 2020. As a close friend of Tony Buzan, Marek had the opportunity to be taught by Tony Buzan and he also spent many hours talking to Tony about Mind Mapping, Synapsia Magazine, and poetry.

Tony Buzan and Marek resurrected Tony Buzan’s much-loved magazine, Synapsia. Marek was the Online Editor and Tony assumed the helm as Editor in Chief.  Since Tony’s passing, Marek has taken the position of Editor in Chief, ensuring Synapsia Magazine meets its quarterly deadline. The Synapsia website has been visited over one million times since 2015.  


Marek teaches all over the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region. He has recently conducted a number of TBLI training courses in China. The photograph above shows Marek (in Adelaide) teaching online TBLI’s (in Shenyang,  China).

In particular, Marek teaches:

  • Mind Mapping (TBLI & Practitioner)
  • Speed Reading (TBLI & Practitioner)
  • Memory (TBLI & Practitioner)

He is available to teach face-to-face or online. To enquire about courses, please email Marek using the link below.

Globar Arbiter

Marek is the Global Chief Arbiter for Mind Mapping and Speed Reading. He attends the World Championships as Chief Arbiter.


Marek is writing a number of books, all of which will be published soon, and available from this website.


– TBLI in MindMapping
– TBLI in Speed Reading
– TBLI in Memory
– 23 years teaching at a tertiary level
– enrolled at the University of Adelaide’s Chinese Mandarin Course (2.5 years study)


Marek enjoys Sabre Fencing, and he is currently the number 1 Veteran Fencer in South Australia, and equal number 2 in all categories.

Contact for Marek

email at or visit Marek’s Website here

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