As the world moves online so does the Tony Buzan Group… and that means there is an opportunity for you to partner with us in earning money when people buy our products and services.

As a global company we are seeking Affiliates in all countries looking to share our products with their communities and earn an income for doing so.

Books, workbooks, online courses and membership subscriptions are just some of the income streams you can generate income from – sign up for our Affiliate programme and be part of the Tony Buzan Global brand,

Our first Affiliate programme is for “The Student Survival Guide” – an instantly downloadable e-book written by two of Tony Buzan’s Grandmaster trainers which includes ALL of Tony’s mental Literacy techniques in one volume for just £15.99

  • Mind Mapping from a 5 x World Champion
  • Speed Reading from a Chief Arbiter
  • Memory from the organisers of the World Memory Championship

Our introductory offer for our first Affiliates on this product is a massive 50%!!

Sign up today and start making the most of your time online!

It is important to pick one that is not easy to guess, try using a mix of lower and upper case letters and numbers for your password, this will help keep it more secure.
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