Should I draw my Mind Map in pencil first?

I don’t know how many times this question has been asked over the years … should you dive in and use full colour for your Mind Map from the very beginning or should you sketch it out in pencil and then circle back to colour it in. Hear Tony’s take on this most Frequently Asked Question … Elaine XX

How can I speed read whilst travelling?

If you are a busy businessman taking a red-eye long haul flight … or a student who hops on the school bus – this question gets asked a lot. How can you continue to Speed Read when you are travelling – and should you even bother? Over to our expert in the field. Philip Chambers who as the Chief Arbiter for the World Speed Reading…

Overcoming a plateau in speed

When you are working towards a goal – working on improving your metrics there is nothing more frustrating than hitting a plateau. So how does Phil Chambers, Chief Arbiter of the World Speed Reading Championship suggest you deal with those occasions when you hit a sticky plateau in speed?

What if my speed goes down?

Learning the techniques of Speed Reading is just the first step .. you do need to practice to see the massive improvements that you can achieve. After all – you wouldn’t go out running one day and decide that you now knew how to run a marathon. So we encourage our student to monitor their speeds – to track their improvements. What happens though if…