What if my speed goes down?

Learning the techniques of Speed Reading is just the first step .. you do need to practice to see the massive improvements that you can achieve. After all – you wouldn’t go out running one day and decide that you now knew how to run a marathon. So we encourage our student to monitor their speeds – to track their improvements. What happens though if…

Why should I learn to speed read?

So .. why should you even consider spending some time learning how to Speed Read?  Is it worthwhile learning the techniques and developing the skill? Over to Philip Chambers, Chief Arbiter of the World Speed Reading Championship for his view.

How do you go about sharing Mind Maps?

Mind Maps are pretty personal – after all they are a reflection of your unique brain’s way of thinking .. so how would you go about sharing the content and connections in a Mind Map with other people? The answer … well listen to Tony Buzan himself …. Elaine X

What was the trigger that caused you to start training and transforming your memory?

Its always fascinating to hear other experts “Origin Stories” … getting them to recall that moment where they made a decision that changed the direction of their life forever. We all  have that moment, that trigger than we can clearly remember.  So what was 8 Times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien’s trigger point?  What made him start to delve into how to use his brain…