Elaine Colliar – UK and HQ Operations

Elaine Colliar is a Five Times World Mind Mapping Champion, an International Grand Master of Mind Mapping and highly successful author, trainer and speaker.

She is our Level Five Arbiter for the World Mind Mapping Championship and Level Four for the World Memory Championship.  Should you wish to host either Memory or Mind Mapping Competitions you can contact her on Elaine@Tonybuzan.com

Elaine heads up our Tony Buzan HQ – and is tasked with building out all our new systems and creating the support materials for our team of Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors around the world.

Elaine comes to us after a lifetime of using Mind Maps in many different industries – from being a West End Stage Manager, Professional Trainer, Property Developer, IT Development and latterly working in a strategic role for a national Political Party.

She brings many additional skills to our team, being a dyslexic student herself and a mother of two lovely boys (one studying Physics at University and both of whom are prolific Mind Mappers) …. all of which gives her unique insights into “learning how to learn” and incorporating Mind Maps into everyday life.

To follow along on how she does so you can keep up with her on her personal blog www.Mindmappingexpert.com

She also hosts and drives most of our Marketing for The Tony Buzan Group… and believes strongly that “the only reason we are all here is to make our Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors into International Training Superstars!”