Elaine Colliar is a five times World Mind Mapping Champion, an International Grand Master of Mind Mapping and highly successful author. She wears her medals with pride as she continues to host seminars to rave reviews around the world.

As a dyslexic, Elaine specialises in introducing mental and financial literacy techniques, not only to multi-national companies but to the educationally disenfranchised everywhere she is invited. In addition to being a prolific speaker she is a columnist for the Sunday Mail in Scotland on personal finance.

Starting her working life as a West-End stage manager, Elaine has since founded a string of companies. These include: Btex – an award winning IT and website development company (the developers of www.streetmap.co.uk), Business Unusual Limited – a highly successful corporate training company and Building Success Ltd – a training and property investment company.

As a patriotic Scot, Elaine has campaigned for Scottish Independence and worked as office manager for her local Scottish National Party M.P. Elaine currently works as a key member of Tony Buzan’s team with specific roles in business strategy, social media and public engagement.

Despite her many successes in business, her proudest achievements are her two sons, James and Rowan.

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