Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping

RAC Club 89 Pall Mall, St James', LONDON

This course is one of Tony Buzan’s Core Courses including Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory. This event is specifically for training Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors in Mind Mapping. This course will qualify you to run your own Mind Mapping Courses utilising the Tony Buzan Brand and Intellectual Capital. The two day event is hosted […]


TBLI in Mind Mapping

Hilton Doubletree Hotel 13400 West Sunrise Boulevard, Sunrise

Course Description The Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping is our signature course, which certifies participants to become global instructors of Mind Mapping practitioner courses.


Formation de Formateur (TBLI) en Mind Mapping en français

Hotellerie franciscaine Antoine de Quartery 1, Saint Maurice

Formation de Formateur (TBLI) en Mind Mapping, en langue française. Trainer's Training (TBLI) in Mind Mapping, in French.

3498CHF (swiss Francs)

TBLI Finding Focus Webinar

Online Using Zoom

Here is all the blurb needed to invite the TBLI Cohort to an online coaching call for the lockdown period.   I suggest that we run these once every fortnight with alternate weeks having a webinar guest that we can interview.


Free Webinar – The Easiest Way to Remember More!

Live Webinar

Join International Grandmaster of Mind Mapping, Elaine Colliar for a short webinar which will reveal to you some of the hidden secrets of how you brain can create incredibly strong memories and how you can structure your studies to WIN! Learn the hidden science that you can easily share with your children in one simple […]


Free Webinar: The Secret to Memory – “Chillax Dudes!”

Live Webinar

  Realise that your state of mind can affect how effectively you learn - so teach your kids some simple relaxation and focusing techniques that will help them deal with stress and remain in a peak state to learn and recall. Ditch all the panic and show them how managing your brain can make all […]


Free Webinar: Link! Link! Link! – all your way to a fantastic memory

Live Webinar

This is the foundation of all memory systems .. and you will already be doing this with your children. Showing your children how to link information in s a logical manner is going to make what they remember so much easier and less stressful for you all .. and ITS FUN!!! This is a series […]


Free Webinar: Why a Seahorse is the key to a memory that rocks!

Live Webinar

Why this magical little creature is the easiest way you can teach your kids to create memories that go from "iffy" to "eternally memorable" - and the icky reason the Victorians thought seahorses were essential to memory. This is a series of webinars curated from the book “The Student Survival Guide” by Phil Chambers and […]

Free Webinar: They’ll never forget that PE Kit again – I promise you!

Live Webinar

This is so much fun - a simple memory system built around something you can never leave behind you - YOUR OWN BODY! Even the tiddlers can create memorable lists with this one - and for our bigger kids .. no more "I forgot" excuses ever again! This is a series of webinars curated from […]