One of the greatest joys in life is when my team sends me over some of the messages that come in on a daily basis that shows us how what we do is improving lives and outcomes all around the world.

The one that touched me today is from Jocelyn, who as you can read is not writing in her native language, but her enthusiasm and passion for Mind Mapping shines clearly through.

Keep on Mind Mapping Jocelyn – and keep in touch to let us know of all the wonderful things I have no doubt you will go on and achieve



To whom who might concern

I read Tony Buzan mindmap book when I was in middle school and I never thought that mind mapping skill would help me that much in studying not only in my major Biology but literally all of the other class as well.

I literally drew each and every chapter from my Microbiology text book and note, plus using flashcard in order to prepare for my lecture tests and for the first time in my college life, I got an A in bio science. I realized that I could not quite studying just by reading the text book and memorize powerpoint slide. I wanted to have a general yet detail look and understanding about the subjects I am studying and mindmap skills perfectly works out for me.

One more time, I would like to thank Tony and his whole working team for inventing such a powerful tools for mastering knowledge!


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