If you ever heard about the Learning Pyramid from the Bethel National Training Institute in Maine, you probably know that the best possible way to learn and integrate something is by teaching it to others. That’s exactly what I decided to do when I chose to be trained as a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor. Yes, my first goal was to improve myself, and not to save the world!

As I gave more and more Practitioner trainings to my clients, I was really starting to master the content and to understand it deeply, which was exactly my plan. If I have to be completely honest, when I took the training, I didn’t know if I would find the courage to organize my first training, as I was filled with fears and doubts about my capacity to do it. Fortunately, now, we actually go through this during the trainer’s training. We explore those fears, using Mind Maps, and look at the ways you can organize your training and advertise it with the help of the TonyBuzan.com website.

As I’m a trainer in various engineering fields, I always say to my students that they should really have a goal to get a return on their investment within 6 months after they get trained in anything, including the TBLI training. Fortunately, if you teach Mind Maps to groups of 10 people, you can get your return on investment after just a few days of Practitioner trainings organized by you! Which has nothing in common with big universities, where the initial training costs represent a loan for up to 15 years for some students. All this just to pay for the initial studies.

Getting trained as a trainer in Tony Buzan Technologies is really a worthwhile experience. And as it’s been so for me, it may also be so for you. It just takes one step, which is starting to train, and before long you are organizing your first Practitioner course!

So, ready to join the adventure?

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