This has to be the most common question asked – EVER!!

Every group of adults that I have ever trained has at some point thoughtfully pointed out to me that “They can’t Mind Map because they can’t draw”

My response is invariably …”Who told you that?”

Usually we can track this “absolute knowledge”  to a school teacher in their dim and distant past that convinced them utterly that “Drawing” was not for them. Usually this proclamation was accepted without argument.

My first iterations of Mind Maps had no artwork attached to them at all .. then a few tentative scribbles and then inspired by an Artist Muse an explosion of pictures that truly reflects how the brain loves to learn, organise and remember.

So if you start with very few – say a heart, an arrow, a tick and a smiley face .. you will still be starting at a higher level of Mind Mapping than I ever did – just think on that!

Dive in – add one more picture to every Mind Map you make from here on in.  One percent more artistic, colourful, memorable every time .. and before you know it you will be a Mind Mapping Expert  yourself!