Tony and the Team

I would never have guessed that meeting Tony Buzan in August 2018 would lead me to where I am today. I had the honour of working with him for the 2018 French Mind Mapping and Speed Reading Championship by organising the event alongside Nicolas Lisiak and Michel Wozniak.

He was a great mentor and inspired me to further hone soft skills such as creativity, congruence, discipline, attention, well-being and eloquence. The underlying skills that Tony had built into his invention of Mind Mapping, skills that are often underestimated for their impact on our daily life. This motivated me to create a training program to develop those, more creative, soft skills.

Each member of Tony’s team brought skills and a way of working that created an equilibrium to the cognitive sports concepts. Working with Tony and the wider team, Elaine and Phil, was a strong learning experience for both my personal and professional development. But it didn’t stop there…

My first time

In 2017, my friend and business partner Nicolas Lisiak achieved the bronze medal status for the World Speed Reading Championship. We had planned that he would make the natural progression to participate in the 2018 championship. However, due to unforeseen circumstances Nicolas was unable to compete and asked me to attend in his place and represent team APAC. The request came in October 2018, which only gave me 6 weeks to prepare for the December 2018 tournament!

I love challenges, so I said yes. I bought my flight for China and self-developed a training programme to compete to the best of my ability.

This is how I put into practice my soft skills by observing how Olympians and professional champions succeed. By implementing daily soft skills exercises, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading training, I was able to develop my ability to visualise, be creative and more focused. After hours and hours of training, I was ready for the world championship!

I was glad to meet Tony and Phil again in China, and even more please to come back home with the title of World Champion of Mind Mapping!

Dedicating two hours every day on this training seemed strenuous at first but after a few weeks, it became addictive. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily regimen of Mind Mapping and speed reading. I used my family network for reading recommendations which allowed me to discover new text and engage on a deeper level with the ones I love. It didn’t end there, I continue to practice these disciplines daily. I truly believe this is how I was able to obtain a gold medal in the UK Mind Mapping championship, and the silver medal for the Speed Reading UK championship.

The 2019 Championship

The 3D Mind Map that you can see on this picture is a very powerful symbol for me, it is a sculpture which used to belong to Tony Buzan himself. I feel so honoured and grateful to own this art!

The story above, now more than ever, is why I want to share even more the practice of Mind Mapping and speed reading as cognitive sports in France. APAC will be hosting the 2nd annual Speed Reading and Mind Mapping Championship of the 4th of October 2019 in Paris. And maybe come to the next World Championship with a UK team!

To further support this initiative, I will also be organising workshops in Paris and in London to share my experience in both mind sports and soft skills.

I would love to talk to you about it if you are interested. You can contact me via Linkedin or visit my website (which is in French only for the moment, the English language version will be ready soon).