In March 2020, as a Licenced instructor in Mind Mapping certified by Tony Buzan (trained by Michel Wozniak), I had the pleasure to train two friends, Sarah Hauspy and Hélène Poos as practitioners in Mind Mapping. Together, we have been trained by Phil Chambers, whom we thank deeply, to become certified GOMSA Mind Mapping Level One Arbiters.

This Saturday, 6th June 2020, I am experiencing another facet of the Championships by joining the online French Championship Arbiter team with my two friends, Sarah and Hélène. It is a new step for me. In 2019, I took part in the French Mind Mapping Championship as a member of the team “Passion d’Apprendre” (“Passion to Learn”). We are proud that we won the Gold medal as a team in the Mind Mapping event.

I have plans to promote the wonderful tool that is the Mind Map. It is the brain version of the Swiss Army Knife. I have gathered four exceptional people (being at the same time Licenced Arbiters and Practitioners in Mind Mapping certified by Tony Buzan) around a common goal to organize the first Belgian Mind Mapping and Speed Reading Championship. Our team is made up of Sarah Hauspy, Hélène Poos and Philippe Vanden Bosch, 2019 French champion of Mind Mapping.

We rendezvous in 2021 in Belgium to follow-up the rest of our adventure.

Hélène Liégeois