Tony Buzan was fascinated by the brain and its fabulous dormant power. He used the phrase sleeping giant , but it could equally be compared to a massive hydro electric energy plant before, in most cases, the switch had been turned on. Tony’s ambition was to wake the giant , or throw the switch , and activate the mighty dynamo of the human brain for everyone on the planet. 

 It was for this reason that Tony was intellectually and emotionally attracted like a force ten magnet ( to mix metaphors) to the great brains of history, Plato, Aristotle, Newton , Leonardo, Shakespeare, Einstein in particular. He called this his virtual Mastermind Group, geniuses from the past whom he could summon up in his imagination and from whom he could derive inspiration and advice. 

The parallel to this was Tony’s living or real Master Mind Group , consisting of those whom Tony could consult and emulate and were in many cases at the other end of a telephone line. Tony’s real mastermind group consisted of such luminaries as Sheikh Hamad from the ruling family of the kingdom of Bahrain, His Serene Highness Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein, poet laureate Ted Hughes, artist Lorraine Gill , eight times World memory champion  Dominic O Brien, Brain nutrition guru Professor Michael Crawford, global tycoons and philanthropists Nicky and “Poon” Oppenheimer….plus one particular friend and celluloid inspiration, to whom Tony turned again and again in his lectures and home tv room. 

 This was a friend, in the same way that Sir Isaac  Newton referred to Amicus Platonis and Amicus Aristotelis. One can also see in one assertion by Newton a cognate reference to his own mastermind group: if I can see further than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants! 

And who was Tony’s special friend? It was a single brain cell, presumably from someone who no longer needed it, caught on camera in a Petrie dish , as it struggled to form connections with other ( sadly non existent) brain cells, before finally giving up its heroic attempt and eventually expiring. 

Tony was perennially captivated by this miniature drama from a science lab film and it forms the basis for his personal emblem which we have now adopted as our logo. Tony often showed the film at his lectures . Tony also loved multiple meanings , rich associations and imaginative  metaphors ( even mixed ones) and the brain cell logo offered a fertile field for manifold interpretation: a brain cell obviously, but also an allusion to Tony’s rapier wit, to the tensile strength of a spider’s web ( Tony loved insects and spiders and always abreacted in an avuncular way when I referred to such creatures as revolting bugs) to the expanding and branching limbs of a huge tree, to a guitar ( Tony loved playing the guitar) and an atomic explosion.  One more obvious point to add: the logo also represents the multiple branches of a Mind Map of course!!!!

Tony had the logo embroidered onto his shirt cuffs and pockets from his Savile Row sartorial suppliers. He also had a lapel badge made in thousands which he called Warrior of the Mind pins and awarded to worthy recipients.

 Our logo seeks to recapture the spirit of Tony’s personal sources and fountains of inspiration and to reconnect in a very personal way with the genius who founded our brain improving enterprise.