I, Sania Alam am so happy to share that recently in Pakistan for the 1st time ever Super-Learning Programs were introduced to the public.

I started this great initiative to develop mental literacy in Pakistan through Tony Buzan’s many courses. As I have taken all of Tony Buzan’s trainings Memory Skills, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading. All of these trainings are now being offered in Pakistan and the people here are very excited and inspired.

In the recent inaugural event which was attended by over 700 guests, I introduced to the audience how important it is to LEARN HOW TO LEARN. Once the individual learns the mechanism of how the brain processes and learns any given information then learning not only becomes fun but an easy process. This new concept of learning was very well received by the audience and now I am looking forward to training the students and professionals of Pakistan with Tony Buzan’s and Dominic O’Brien’s great learning methods.

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