Today we have a Guest Post from one of our Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors, with some news on his latest adventures in spreading Tony Buzan’s lifelong goal of Global Mental Literacy. And what a great audience to deliver this message to!



Hi everyone,

In this post we are telling you about the exciting experience that Massimiliano Mazzei, Italian Mind Mapping trainer, lived last week.

On the 23rd of May he flew to the Southern part of Italy to teach Mind Mapping to a class of… university students!

He gave lectures to 150 enthusiastic students at University of Bari Aldo Moro, Dept. of Education Sciences, which is well-known for its highly interactive and experimental approach.


Massimiliano introduced the Mind Mapping theory talking about the potential of the human neuronal connections and the super-power of the pictures throughout/in our learning process – a picture is worth a thousand words 😉

Massimiliano then presented the Tony Buzan method bringing examples and everyday applications of Mind Mapping. The students were very enthusiastic and interested in such an unconventional lesson!

Students, it’s up to you

 The second part of the lecture was very practical: the students drew beautiful, funny and colorful Mind Maps taking inspiration from two issues: their daily life and their projects for the future.

They also participated interacting with questions: Massimiliano was very happy to answer them, give advice and satisfy their deep curiosity.

We hope that that Mind Mapping will change their method of study and their thinking.

Mind Maps can really play a key role in fostering creativity among young people!

It was such a great experience – Massimiliano can’t wait to do it again!


What a fantastic story. These students now have an amazing and effective tool to take them through the remainder of their studies and well into their professional lives. If you are a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor and have a great experience that you would like to share on the blog, please send your post and photographs to to feature at a later date.

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