Throughout his long and distinguished career, Tony Buzan formed great friendships with many other eminent individuals and colleagues who shared his vision of an enlightened planet, fully cognizant of how the brain functions.

Several of such people have now agreed to publish their own books on either as separate works, or completing and editing nearly finished books by the Maestro himself.

We are delighted to announce the brilliant duo of Phil Chambers and Elaine Colliar, whose books have helped thousands and thousands of people to understand the applications of Mind Mapping, Memory Power and Speed Reading. Elaine Colliar, five times World Mind Mapping Champion and Phil Chambers, twice World Mind Mapping Champion, have worked with Tony for nearly thirty years and have been students of his, spreading his techniques to millions of people.

Elaine Colliar
The brilliant Elaine Colliar
The marvellous Phil Chambers

Another writer who will be joining us is Ray Keene, international chess grandmaster and author of the world record 202 books on chess, mind sports and thinking.  

We are delighted that will be adding some great authors to go alongside Tony Buzan, and hopefully many more too.

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