This course is one of Tony Buzan’s Core Discipline training events, including Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory. This event is specifically for training Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors in Memory. This course will qualify you to run your own Memory Courses utilising the Tony Buzan Brand and Intellectual Capital.

The two day event is hosted by eight times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien. Dominic is one of Tony Buzan’s personally appointed Grandmaster Trainers, making him one of only a small handful of people on the planet that can train and certify new Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors.

Oct 24 @ 9:00 am – Oct 25 @ 5:00 pm

The course outline is as follows:

Day One

Secrets of a Memory Champion

  • Introduction and course outline
  • The importance of teaching memory
  • Memory Challenges
  • Working Memory the core skill
  • Baseline Measurements
  • Brain functions Myth or Fact?
  • Memory Basics and the Three Keys

The Tools of Memory

  • Link Method Story Method
  • Exercises
  • Importance of Logic
  • Elementary Method
  • Memorising Reports, News Journals, Long Sequences
  • The Memory Code the Journey Method


Unleashing Memory Power

  • Organising Loci
  • Developing Visual Memory
  • The Art of Retention
  •  Educations biggest Secret
  • Primacy Recency & Ebbinghaus
  • Number Acronyms Shapes & Rhymes
  • Applications and Exercise
  • The Dominic System
  • Major System


Review of day one

Day Two

Review of day one

Outline of day two

Advanced Memory

  • Roman Room Method
  • Memory Potential
  • Memory and Accelerated Language Learning
  • Names and Faces
  • Exercise
  • Peg and Alphabet System
  • Art of Card Memorisation
  • Remembering Dates


Memory and Study Skills

  • Extended Acronyms
  • How to become a human Dictionary
  • Who want to be a Millionaire?
  • The Body System
  • Nutrition and Oxygen
  • Memory and Stress: how to cope
  • Brainwave Control and Brain Stimulation
  • How to remember a speech

Group Session: Teaching Memory

Final Competition


Graduations & celebration