Today has been one of those bittersweet Sundays …. its always exciting to watch the Mind Maps flood in over social media on the 2nd June every year as we host our virtual World Mind Mapping Day.

Today there has been so many – from so many countries .. from kids and grannies and politicians and businessmen … truly humbling that Tony and his gift of the Mind Map has affected so many people,

But this afternoon .. on what would have been his 77th birthday Tony Buzan, our friend, mentor and inspiration was laid to rest at All Saints Church, Bisham, Marlow .. just as he instructed us to.

Quietly, with no fuss, no fanfare .. just his direct family and a scant handful of his very closest friends.

His instruction’s were that we were to remember him every time we put pen to paper and create a Mind Map, not to stand and weep at his grave .. heartbroken though we are.

His long time friend, Kate Bush, knew just the perfect flowers to remember him by.

Fresh, springlike, elegantly striking and fragrant enough to attract the insects and birds that he loved all through his life.

So Tony was tucked into a charming sunny corner of a charming English Churchyard in the countryside he loved so dearly.

If you would love to visit him at some point in the future then the GPS location and direction are on this link:

Directions to Tony’s Resting Place

Yet I cannot think  that he resides there .. instead I choose to believe he lives on in nimble fingers of my son sitting next to me as I write, who is engaged in creating his own “Birthday Mind Map” for Tony.

He lives on in the lives of the students who have been in touch today to let me know how Mind Maps showed them how to excel in exams.

He lives on in the notes of the authors who shared with me outlines of new books that are to be birthed into being out of Mind Maps created in moments of inspiration.

He lives on in the hands and hearts of everyone who we will teach this skill to in the future, the lives he will change, the destinies that will be fulfilled and the improvements to the planet that he will manifest … because he left behind in our safe keeping the most wonderful gift of the “Flowering of intelligence”

The one thing I am sure of is that he does rest in peace – knowing that he has left a wonderful legacy in every one of you that continues on sharing his gift with the world.

Thank you all – for a most memorable World Mind Mapping Day


Elaine XX