Tony Buzan was a revolutionary thinker who challenged the basic concepts of human intelligence to demonstrate the hidden brainpower within all of us. I know from all of your wonderful messages over the last year how many of you were inspired by his teachings and how many lives he touched for the better,

Tony was multi-talented and super active in impressively wide and diverse areas of creativity. He gave lectures and courses both commercially and for charity, he inaugurated World Championships in the thinking Mind Sports of Memory, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading, his key invention was the Mind Map and perhaps above all, he was a writer – allowing those who did not have the privilege of seeing him in person access to his amazing core “Mental Literacy” techniques of Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading.

He changed how people thought about their brains and in doing so he changed lives!

During his lifetime Tony’s published books sold in the millions. As an indication of his importance, The Times newspaper labelled him “the guru of the grey matter”.  An amazing title expressing just how highly the world thought of his gifts.

Fortunately, the story did not end with Tony’s tragic passing last year, since we are determined to continue Tony’s literary career – bringing to you his core books refreshed and revamped for a whole new generation of reader.

Our core team is also working hard through this lock-down taking his core books, courses and seminars and bringing them online to be both educational and affordable for people around the planet!

We are also revising and republishing some of Tony’s lesser know works, in order to ensure that everyone in the world can still gain access to the jewels of his unique genius. I am sure there will be a treasure or two within his catalogue that will excite your neurons!

We have also approached Tony’s most expert disciples and students to finish writing the huge amount of unfinished books which Tony had almost completed when he was snatched away from us just over one year ago. Experts, thought leaders and academics all around the world are busy making sure that the legacy he left behind of “Global Mental Literacy” continues to spiral around the plant.

His Literary Legacy is in safe hands and continues on in his name.

Stay smart and stay healthy! 

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