One of the joys of working with Tony and the team of Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors worldwide is getting a peek at them doing what they do best .. training other Brains how to create marvelous Mind Maps and supporting them to go on to  do the same.

And along the way you get to make lovely new friends – in this case Dr Guo in China.  He is such an advocate of the Mind Map and he and his wife were brought together through their mutual love of Mind Maps.

Everyone loves a great Love Story – right?

Every picture of him I see when he is  talking about Mind Maps shows me how passionate he is about sharing this technique with others. His face just shines with the joy of it .. it never gets old.

Of course – Tony is made so welcome wherever he goes.

There are very few people that I have worked with in my career that get Standing Ovations when they enter the room never mind when they leave .. and I have worked with some of the worlds greatest speakers, trainers, actors and authors.

My litmus test of how effective we are being as Trainers is when you stop “speaking” from the front of the room and you start having great conversations with the people who have come to learn from you.

Stony silence is never good – but a gentle bubble of conversation, sparkling eyes and curious questions always let you know you are on the right track… and the tweets! .. the little flurry of contact from social media when Tony hands out my Twitter handle so that they can get in touch should they need any help from HQ.

Just in case you are wondering – you can get me on @MindMapsExpert …. happy to chat so get me over there X

If you have ever been in a Training Room where the Trainer asks the immortal question “Any questions?” to be met with an embarrassed silence .. well you can tell that never happens at one of Tony’s training events … don’t you?

After all, the people in the room are going to be your colleagues in the future and its great to understand what makes them tick – so lots of time for everyone to ask all the questions they need to really get clear on everything.

Even spending time asking everyone to get really clear on what niche they are keen to train in .. Children, Schools, Students, Professionals, Corporate, niche industries like Law, Health, Engineers, IT and so on .. knowing who you would love to train is the first step in creating your marketing plan to get you there .. getting clear at this point makes it all much easier to design that dream life that everyone is always chasing.

We assume that our Trainers know NOTHING about Mind Mapping – so we go right back to “First Principles” and start right at the very beginning making sure that everyone understands not only the Rules of Mind Mapping but why they are so important going forward.

Getting everything rock solid at this point pays huge dividends as you keep learning. Understanding why the rules are the rules is hugely important when you begin to start teaching your own students .. you get not only the breadth of knowledge around Mind Maps from Tony .. but great depth too!

Of course – where I can it’s great to hook Tony up with a World Champion or two to help everyone get the invaluable one-to-one coaching that makes a massive difference to how quickly your personal Mind Maps improve .. and they improve FAST in Tony’s training events – after all you are learning from the Maestro himself.

This time he was joined by Liu Yan – one of our World Mind Mapping Champions from China.  I have such a soft spot for Liu Yan and her passion for teaching as many children as she can the life changing skills of Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading.

Now I can tell you – being a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor is not a career for people that afraid to learn .. and keep on learning.  It takes people with drive and energy and a passion for changing lives because when you teach a student how to be able to learn effectively anything they want to learn, how to remember it at will and access for the rest of their lives .. well futures change. Heck, countries change too!

Of course Tony is in such demand around the world that being trained by him personally is a real treat. In fact in the UK next year Tony will only be training 100 new Trainers to go out and change the world as Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors.

He will be training in March, July and October in London.

So if you think you’d like to find out more about joining the Buzan Family, changing lives and travelling the world .. pop over and get yourself onto our Waiting List HERE

I can make sure that I get in touch with you over the next few weeks to explain exactly what we do – exactly who we are looking to to join us and exactly how to proceed.

The one day soon .. you will be sending me photos of the people you are training .. and I cannot wait to be here cheering you on.

Elaine XX

Grandmaster Trainer

5 x World Mind Mapping Champion





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  1. These pictures of smiling faces are infectious; I can’t help smiling when I’m looking at them! These are truly people excited about learning. I am really looking forward to joining the ranks of the Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors in March myself and diving into the wonderful world of mind maps!

  2. If you are interested in becoming a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor, you can contact the representative for your region to find out about upcoming courses in your area (Look on the Regions section of the menu bar of this website). There may be training in your native language and your level of English will not be an issue. I hope this is helpful to you.

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