It’s just two day’s to go before we celebrate the very first World Mind Mapping Day since we lost our friend and mentor, Tony Buzan. This is him celebrating the first ever Mind Mapping Day last year in China with some of our lovely colleagues.

On Sunday we would love to light up social media around the world with pictures of all of those who love Mind Maps showing their creativity and learning as a tribute to the great man.

So if you would like to play along – to be featured in our Social media pages, we would love you to contribute by sharing your Mind Map.

To make it easy I have provided again the links to our social media channels below. I can’t wait to see what you contribute to our day celebrating Mind Maps around the world.

Tony’s passion was to share his Gift of the Mind Map around the world – by remembering his special day in this way we can connect our Community of Mind Mappers as one for a few hours.

Tony loved life .. and lived it large!  Every year he would thoroughly celebrate his most recent “Journey around the sun” with friends, with cake …. and with toasts and speeches.

When you share your Mind Map on Sunday – raise a glass in his memory too!

To make it easy to connect with others in the Mind Mapping Community on Sunday – here are our Social Media Links!

Facebook – Please post photos of you with your Mind Maps on our Facebook page – @Tony_Buzan.

Twitter – Please tweet photos of you and your Mind Maps to @Tony_Buzan and use the hashtags #TeamBuzan#MindMap and #WorldMindMappingDay. 

Instagram – Please post photos of you and your Mind Maps on Instagram and make sure you use the hashtags #TeamBuzan, #MindMap and #WorldMindMappingDay

As Tony always said, “Floreant Dendritae and Love!” “May All Your Brain Cells Flourish!”


I can’t wait to see what you will all share.


Yours in Mental Literacy

Elaine X


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