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Today is the  day that we have been consistently working towards for a few months now – the launch of the “TRAINERS HUB” pages for our Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors.

This is the “members only” section of our website which is dedicated to providing the support and materials for our current Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors – helping you roll out our re-written training materials around the globe as we work towards my lifelong goal of Global Mental Literacy.

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You can only gain access to these pages and the additional support and contact with Tony Buzan HQ if you are a current and qualified Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor. Should you wish to check if you are on the list of current TBLI’s you can email Kath on


Tucked inside your log in is a TBLI Dashboard – allowing you to create and update your own profile page – a version of which can be found on the OUR TRAINERS tab. This will allow anyone in the world who wishes to find a local TBLI or who wishes to find out whether a TBLI is both current and qualified with us to quickly search and check that the trainer is who they claim to be. We know that in some countries our Instructors have found trainers who are not qualified and this “Quality check” is in direct response to the issues they have raised.

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As one of our TBLIs you will also have access to a private MEMBERS BLOG – where I can communicate and share best practices as a benefit of your membership.  The content of this exclusive blog is very much driven by the questions and queries we get in from our TBLIs around the world and it is my way of adding both direct contact with me and superior support to you, our Instructors wherever you happen to be in the world.  Please do email me in with any topics you would like me to cover in the upcoming months.

To encourage you all to connect with other members of Team Buzan around the world you  now have access to our new SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. A completely private chat facility which allows you to connect with the senior team at Buzan HQ and TBLIs around the world, form groups to chat, share best practices, write books together and share marketing tips and strategies and many other conversations. Moving our TBLI communication away from email and its issues and into this private environment will allow us to answer questions and provide support to you  much quicker than our previous email system.

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A new repository of TBLI SUPPORT RESOURCES has been created – sharing high resolution logos, print files and materials for inclusion in your own TBLI  businesses – new content is being created and uploaded there daily in direct response to requests from you, our TBLI cohort.

Why just read what I write – when I can come online and talk to you, our TBLI’s directly? One of the greatest benefits of being a current TBLI is access to an ongoing schedule of VIDEO COACHING – its our equivalent of a FAQ page .. our Instructors ask the questions and I respond directly on video as fully as I can. Let me know what questions you would like answered and I will sure to do so.

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Because I want to share the most up to date research and best practices in helping our TBLIs grow their own business I have scheduled an ongoing series of monthly WEBINARS with some of the best and brightest colleagues that I have.  World Leaders in their own disciplines will share with you directly and exclusively the genius nuggets that they have uncovered in their lifetime of study on a monthly webinar that is only available to current trained Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors.  I am so excited about the people who have accepted my invitation to come and share a Webinar Wednesday with you in the near future.

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Tony Buzan International Ltd is a success when you, our Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors are a success.  In a direct response to requests from some of our new Instructors we are rolling out a section of our TRAINERS HUB that is dedicated to establishing and growing your own successful training businesses. The  TBLI BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is a section of the exclusive site that will deliver tools, videos, webinars and useful reading to help our existing and new trainers quickly set up and run their own businesses as Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors. If you have a business issue we would love to hear so that we can help provide a solution.

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As a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor I no longer feel that our commitment to your ongoing training stops at your certification seminar – instead I believe that this is merely the first step in an ongoing programme of training, conversation and support between us all as Team Buzan.  Through on the hub there is an exclusive TRAINING DIARY AND LINKS page which will give you private access to the ongoing education and sharing programme that I have instigated.

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Of course –  last but not least … the TRAINERS HUB is where our certified and current Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors have access to the Practitioner Training programmes, with pages dedicated to  MIND MAPPING RESOURCES, SPEED READING RESOURCES and MEMORY RESOURCES.  These pages have the downloadable Powerpoint presentations, overview Mind Maps and soon the video training by our Grandmaster trainers to help you tailor these presentations to your own audiences.

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I know, this sounds like a massive amount of information to drop on you all at once, so to make it more digestible I have asked that Team Buzan walk you through getting access to this information over the next few weeks by launching different sections of the Trainers Hub in sequence and posting a private blog post about each section as we go.

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Being a current and qualified Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor will soon extend far beyond a certification seminar and a licence to use the brand .. soon it will be the vibrant and supportive community it was always envisaged to be.

Look forward to meeting you inside

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