Márcia Mesquita
Mind Mapping
Márcia Mesquita

Director of “Espaço Coaching”, Márcia Mesquita specialises in Executive and Business Coaching, certified by methodologies developed by Brian Tracy – one of the greatest experts in coaching in the world. A member of SBCOACHING, she is also an Assessment Alpha Analyst for Leaders, by Worth Ethic Corporation. She is also a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping.

Márcia is a Graduate in Social Communication, with a post-graduate degree in Marketing, and has built her career with Grupo Petróleo Ipiranga, Banco Santander, HSBC Bank and RBS TV (Globo). From social media to business and people management, each step has built a solid foundation for her coaching activities.

Early in her career, she became acquainted with the Mind Mapping technique and began using it in her transition to her own business by organising and optimising her mind to establish the company and the whole process of her new profession. Everything went so well, she fell in love with the tool and decided to include in the Coaching sessions, achieving great success with her clients. With the increasingly positive results, three years later Márcia decided to become a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor to teach this important technique and multiply the innumerable benefits that enhance the capacity of the human mind.

Working nationally and internationally, Márcia applies her methodology and experience through coaching processes (individual or group), training and lectures, according to the objectives to be achieved and in the most appropriate modality for the client.

Website: http://www.espacocoaching.com

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Rosario Peniche
Rosario Peniche

On March 2014, a dream came finally true and I became a TBLI in New York with Tony Buzan. Ever since, I have been delivering Mind Map Seminars and Workshops in different cities of Mexico to children, teenagers, teachers and adults who are willing to learn and take advantage from this technique in their academic and professional lives. I am truly in love with Mind Maps and I plan to continue teaching this amazing tool to many other persons so they can witness the unlimited potential of our brain.

Website: http://www.menteinfinita.com

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