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Message from the President, Raymond Keene OBE

A message from your President to all friends of Memory in the time of Coronavirus 

Dear friends 

Continuing good health to you all, and to our Muslim friends around the world, Peace and Health to you during the Holy Month of Ramadan , which commenced yesterday. 

I am writing during these Apocalyptic times from the epicentre of the UK Coronavirus lockdown in London. Virtually the entire planet has either been forced to impose isolation or adjust in many other ways to the realities and dangers of the new environment. I truly hope that none of you has suffered in person from the disease or undergone the trauma of losing a loved one. Personally , I have been saddened by the passing of my old friend and loyal supporter Alexander Thynn, Marquess of Bath. May he rest in peace! 

Much as we wish to promote the Mind Sport of Memory throughout the world, we must accept the truth of the situation and recognise that there is very little prospect of staging the 29th World memory Championship this year. Large international gatherings of people will be discouraged or even prohibited for the foreseeable future. Your good health must be our chief priority. 

Accordingly the 29th World memory championship under the patronage of Prince Mohsin Ali Khan of Hyderabad ( scheduled this year for Hyderabad in India) has sadly by force majeure , been called off. 

The good news is that we are actively considering ways of continuing and enhancing alternative methods of testing your powers of Memory. For example , online activities and competitions must now be taken seriously into consideration, and as we plan for the future landscape post Coronavirus, we invite everyone of our memory friends and colleagues to consider ways of creating new competitions such as national, regional and continental Memory Championships. 

Good health to you all!

Please join us in building and fulfilling Tony’s dream of a mentally literate planet.

Rays signature
Raymond Keene OBE
25th April 2020.
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