Memory Videos

When did you first start to become aware of memory techniques?

At what age do you think we should introduce memory techniques?

How do you define short and long term memory?

What is your earliest memory?

What can I do to preserve my memory?

Do you believe it is possible that people can create false memories?

How much better can the human brain get?

Can anyone learn memory techniques?

What is your favourite memory from a training event?

Which discipline in the world memory championships is your favourite?


In terms of academic success, do you think it’s really important to have a well-trained memory?


What are the different techniques that you use to develop your memory?


How old are these techniques that you teach people to have superior memories?


What was the trigger that caused you to start training and transforming your memory?


Do you believe that anybody can become a Memory Champion?


Were you taught specific memory techniques or did you have to go learn them from books?


How did you come to develop your own system for encoding and memorising numbers?


Why have Memory Championships at all and when and where did it all begin?


Has winning the World Memory Championship Eight times impacted your life?


What does the media make of the World Memory Championships?

How has the sport of Memory developed over the years?

What do you think the future holds for the Memory Championships?

Why did you decide to get back into competing a few years ago?