Here is your open invitation to join us as a Practitioner of our core skills of Mind Mapping, Memory Skills or Speed Reading

We recognise that not everyone will want to join Team Buzan as a Trainer in our core techniques – indeed we are contacted on a daily basis by individuals who wish to acquire and develop the skills of Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading for their own personal development.

One day courses to equip you for the future whilst helping you cope with the overwhelm of today .

So we invite you to invest just one day of your busy life to acquire the skills to help you deal with the ever increasing volume of information that we are presented with in this progressively digital world.

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A universal skill set that will change your life by showing you how to work with – not against – the way your brain likes to learn, process and remember.

Whether you are a student looking to “learn how to learn” so that you can conquer future examinations with ease or a busy professional looking to juggle the every increasing pressure of work with finding the time to develop the skills of innovation, creativity and problem solving  that keep you at the forefront of your profession – we know we have the solution.

Precise training, in your own country, in your native language.

Our goal is to ensure that we have highly trained and competent Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors in every country of the world. Trainers that are qualified to teach and support Practitioners in our core techniques of Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading … but in  your native language for speed and ease of learning.

We have turned the focus of our business upside down – focusing on identifying, training and supporting the most talented trainers we can find around the planet so that they in turn can create the most effective learning experience for you personally.

To find a native language trainer in your country – hop over HERE to our Trainers pages or contact our team directly on for a personal referral.   OUR TRAINERS PAGE


We have three core courses that we support at this point…



A course personally developed by the inventor of Mind Mapping himself, Tony Buzan alongside his Grandmaster Trainer and Five Times World Mind Mapping Champion, Elaine Colliar.  This one day takes you on a stroll through the basic neuroscience of how we love to learn and easily remember after learning using my core tool, the Mind Map.  

Our trainers are encouraged to support you in creating Mind Maps as close to the authentic Laws of Mind Mapping so that you leave the training with excellent form, a deep understanding of how the Laws increase your understanding and recall and how Mind Maps speed the process of review and revision, turbo-charging your learning and your ability to make notes from spoken, written and creative inputs.

Mind Mapping therefore becomes a skill for life – a skill to be accessed any time you need to learn, remember or access your innate creativity.


A course developed in collaboration with the Eight Times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien.  After all, if you are going to explore how to expand your memory, who better to work with than a World Champion?

Our  trainers will share with you the basic principles of creating and retaining memories by helping you experience many different memory systems – some of which are EXACTLY the same as the systems used by the worlds most successful Memory Champions to set their world records.

From everyday systems such as “Names and Faces” to remembering passwords, PIN Numbers, important dates and data right up to systems that will help you easily acquire foreign languages, remember chunks of curriculum, speeches, presentations and details that leave others floundering.

This course is also designed to incorporate the core skill of Mind Mapping – showing how it is a powerful Memory Technique in its own right as well as an excellent way to share information in a mentally literate way with our delegates.


We have all experienced that feeling of overwhelm. As a student or as a professional we can feel swamped by the sheer volume of the information that we are now expected to read, process, distill  and remember.

The reality is that we cannot possibly keep up with the volume of reading that we would need to do in order to keep up with the many and varied sources of information in this increasingly digital world.

We need better strategies than reading at an average of 250 words per minute if we are to survive and thrive in this ever-busier data-driven world; we need to double, triple, quadruple that speed to be effective.

By learning how the eye-brain connection works and by understanding just how quickly the brain can read, process and recall information you can exponentially increase the speed at which you can read and continue to improve beyond the training as you practice the techniques in your everyday life.

Who better, then, to develop this course for our trainers than our Grandmaster Trainer and Chief Arbiter of the World Speed Reading Competition – Philip Chambers. He personally trains and supports all of our Speed Reading Trainers throughout the world so that you can be certain of accessing the most up to date information and techniques.

To find a certified trainer in your country, please hop over to our TRAINERS PAGES or email for a personal referral from Buzan HQ.

We are, of course, very happy to answer any questions that you may have about our Practitioners training for you as an individual, group or organisation.  Please don’t hesitate to get in contact on