Dear Friends

On completion of the arrangements and finalisation of announcement information for the 28th World Memory Championship in Wuhan PRC, may I congratulate all organisers, hosts and sponsors on their outstanding achievements.  I am delighted that Wuhan, the Silicon Valley of China, is acting as the venue for what promises to be the best championship in the series started by myself and Tony Buzan with the 1st World Memory Championship London 1991. 

Indeed, in honour of our friend, founder and originator , I would like to dedicate this 28th World Championship , in the wonderful city of Wuhan , as a tribute to the undying memory of Tony Buzan, who passed away so tragically , earlier this year. 

In the twenty eight years since 1991, the championship has grown in every single respect. There are now hundreds of competitors in the final, up to thirty different nations send representatives and above all, every barrier of age, gender and physical ability has been smashed.

Not to mention Guinness World Records in Memory, of which The World Memory Sports Council is the sole accredited and official arbiter on behalf of Guinness world records.

Witness to the inclusivity and globalism of The World Memory Championship is the fact that at both Shenzhen 2017 , for the 26th Championship, and Hong Kong 2018, for the 27th championship, the overall grand champions were teenage girls, overcoming vastly more experienced male challengers.  The girls concerned were respectively 18 and 14 years of age, and from Mongolia and China.  In what other global competitive sporting activity could a teenage girl compete equal terms with an adult male, and win!?

Finally, I am also delighted by the outstanding Prize fund of 500,000 RMB split into numerous categories so that everyone has a chance for a prize and a medal. I look forward to greeting all true friends of Memory Sport at Wuhan in December and remember to enter via our link. 


Good luck to you all !

Ray Keene OBE
Global President
World Memory Sports Council