When we whizz around the world teaching Speed and Range Reading for Tony Buzan International we often hear many amazing claims about many other forms of accelerated reading.

I’ve been on a plane and informed that my neighbour could memorise an entire page of text in one glance … which was interesting except he couldn’t actually do it during the three attempts he has to impress me.

Another claimed that Photo Reading at 10,000 Words per hour was perfectly possible “If you just believe” .. .Oh I so want to believe! …. but he couldn’t prove it to me either.

So here is the challenge – if you have a method of Speed Reading that you would like to hold up against what we teach and prove every month … reach out, make contact and let the Chief Arbiter from GOMSA, Phil Chambers test your claims.

Because you know what – we only want to teach the very best to our students, so if you have something better we really want to learn it.

Over to you.

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