The Publishing Division of The Tony Buzan Group was born due to Tony Buzan’s immense literary library. Tony was the author of over 140 books translated into over 50 separate languages around the world with over 40 publishing houses, including Harper Collins, Penguin and BBC Pearson.  His five best-selling books are “The Mind Map Book”, “The Memory Book”, “The Speed Reading Book”, “Use Your Head”, and “Mind Map Mastery”. The number of copies sold worldwide by Tony Buzan is over a staggering 4,500,000!  

Tony fell in love with books and libraries and in particular with the literature of the famous Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges and particularly fell in love with two of his short stories in his Fictions: “The Library” and “Funes the Memorious”. Tony thought that libraries’ historic collections contained the collection of the Human Memory – and without memory an individual, family, organisation, nation, or world would not survive for more than a week without its backbone of history. Tony often dreamt and wrote about the concept of the infinite library where every mind in every nation would be able to explore the internal universes of their minds. 

It is this love for books that we carry on at The Tony Buzan Group. The Publishing Division has the rights to these 140 books written by Tony. We have a skilled team of Tony’s disciples such as Elaine Colliar, Phil Chambers, Marek Kasperski to name a few, helping to revamp some of Tony’s older books and to start having them up on the website. 

Ahead of us, we will be writing and completing new future books. Tony Buzan had started over 40 books but they were incomplete. We have found the ideal co-author who Tony worked with on each individual book to complete the book in a similar style and direction. 

But it is not Tony’s books alone – we have other authors in the fields of training the brain, authors like Dominic O’Brien the eight times World Memory Champion, Elaine Colliar the five times World Mind Mapping Champion, Phil Chambers the Chief Arbiter for the World Mind Mapping Championships and the World Memory Championships, and Michael Gelb, the leading expert on Leonardo da Vinci in the realm of brain training. will soon become THE place to go for the wit and wisdom of Tony Buzan in book form. All of Tony’s books currently in print, and those which we are rushing back into print, both as physical and e-publications, will be available on this site. 

Here we will provide summaries of all the available books by Tony Buzan, we will publish reviews and extracts and we will ensure that the millions of admirers and acolytes of Tony and his works will be able to acquire every single book he produced, as well as fans of our team too!

Many fans want to own all of Tony’s books and not miss a word. We aim to satisfy that widespread ambition. The topics he covered were vast including: Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Memory Power, Mental World Records, The nature of Genius, Baby and Ageing Brains, How to Manage Change and Public Speaking. 

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