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Why I Do What I Do

I absolutely love to be the anchor, facilitator and a “partner in purpose” to encourage and inspire others, to keep moving ahead. My role as the anchor, leader and trainer, allows me to show that it is possible to have a fulfilling life, if one dares to dream. I live by the same philosophy that I bring in my work and for my clients. There are many things that come at us daily to halt our own growth, frustrate and at times, discourage us from moving ahead in life.

Often busy professionals, are juggling lives, career and responsibilities. With so much on our plates at any given moment, we may put ourselves at the end of the list, and have the tendency to procrastinate.

My own fulfilment comes from my influence, as a facilitator, and a trainer, to remind people who they are and what they have the capacity of being, doing, and having.

It is the first step towards how they can impact the world in a most powerful and unforgettable way.

My life purpose

Before I founded my organisation, ‘Project purpose’ I myself have gone through a 360 transformation, my personal and professional journey has been nothing less than an epic.

More than seven years of fantastic experience in UAE , and my personal interaction and education, opened my eyes and filled me with a deep sense of gratitude. I also realized that often, transformation and growth , remains out of reach for most of the people, though they aspire for it everyday.”

I bring my cross-functional skills across NLP, Mind Mapping, learning & development , together to facilitate growth and transformation for individuals and organisations.

Over 200 individuals and super successful past clients, and more than 15 blue chip organisations across UAE have directly benefited from my programs, workshops and outreach work in last six years.

 My connection to Tory

I have many memories with tony so many pictures so many events with him. I met him first time in 2011 and since then met him several times. Tony had a diary which he use to record his everyday in a mind map, One day I spent with tony at an event in Dubai and dropped him back to hotel. He had lot of stuff so I went with him to the room and Tony asked me to draw the whole day mind map in his diary, I will never forget that, it was such a privilege to document his one day in his diary, not sure where is that diary but definitely made me part of a huge purpose there. I also have a video where Tony is recommending my work and my hand drawn mind maps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd-daTqFXfY&t=12s

What you are planning in the next 12 months

Lot of workshops across India and abroad too.

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