Raise A Pen To Tony Buzan

On the 13th of April 2019, our great friend, inspiration and teacher Tony Buzan passed away suddenly. So may people have been in contact from all around the world asking how they can get involved in honouring this great man and ensuring that his legacy is continued.

On the 2nd June, Tony would have been celebrating in style his 77th birthday – he was so full of plans for all his future celebrations that we feel it appropriate to continue to celebrate his birthdays in a joyous way…. by sharing his gift to the world, the Mind Map, around the world by social media … and we would love for you to contribute too!

This date is specially  important to the Tony Buzan Team because three years ago Tony launched #WorldMindMappingDay. A day to celebrate the genius within every brain around the planet by sharing Mind Maps. 

Tony’s family and friends have requested that wherever you are around the planet, you raise a pen in honour of Tony and share with the world your loving memories in Mind Map form to his social media pages on June 2nd using the links below: 

Facebook – Please post photos of you with your Mind Maps on our Facebook page – @Tony_Buzan.

Twitter – Please tweet photos of you and your Mind Maps to @Tony_Buzan and use the hashtags #TeamBuzan, #MindMap and #WorldMindMappingDay. 

Instagram – Please post photos of you and your Mind Maps on Instagram and make sure you use the hashtags #TeamBuzan, #MindMap and #WorldMindMappingDay

As Tony always said, “Floreant Dendritae and Love!” “May All Your Brain Cells Flourish!”

Elaine X



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