Jorge Castaneda - Vice President



Dr. Castaneda is the CEO of Buzan US and Regional President of the American World Memory Council.

He is the inventor of the Root Cause Systemic Mapping methodology for problem-solving, the Core Intelligences Leadership Model, and the FISHER technique for applied creativity, which have been widely used in both private corporations and government institutions in different parts of the World.

 He is one of the three Grandmaster Buzan trainers in the world and holds a PhD in Management Innovation from the Swiss Business School and a Master of Sciences in Operations research from Stanford.


He is the author of the Mind Mapping Techniques and Applications and Mind Mapping in Business Administration textbooks, and co-author (along with Tony Buzan) of The Most Important Graph in the World book (2012). He is also the author of the Multiple Intelligences (2008) and Recall Curves (2007) seminal research.


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